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Modern life has changed the natural conditions of the air and often, in the environment where we breathe, we find ourselves in an unbalanced condition of electrical charges in the air where positively charged ions which generate physiological disturbances prevail. Also, the number of negatively charged atmospheric ions (which facilitate environmental wellness) is forcibly lowered by centralized heating, air conditioning, smoke and static electricity generated by electrical fields. Therefore, both in the workplace and at home, most people breathe in ion depleted air.
Today Falmec offers a new technology applied to its hoods which allows atmospheric ions to be recreated – through BIPOLAR CONTROLLED IONISATION technology*, ions which not only decrease unpleasant odours, but also re-establish optimum ionic balance in the living environment, with significant benefit to human wellness and health.




Falmec launches hoods that not only eliminate odours, but purify the air and make it beneficial


Grazie alla presenza di ioni generati da E.ion System è possibile purificare e trattare l’aria per vivere in ambienti più sani. L’azione prodotta dagli ioni è quella di neutralizzare tutti gli agenti inquinanti presenti nell’aria come batteri, virus, acari, polline, spore, polveri varie, cattivi odori, fumo di sigarette, gas di scarico, e purificarla, sanificarla, renderla ottimale. Tecnicamente gli ioni nell’aria attraggono le particelle inquinanti e cedono la loro carica elettrica. Pertanto le particelle inquinanti cercano di raggiungere il potenziale elettrico della terra precipitando senza causare alcun danno.
Gli ioni vengono generati in natura dalla scissione di molecole provocata dall’azione dei raggi solari, dal fenomeno di scaricamento (fulmini), dall’effetto fotoelettrico, dalle radiazioni, del movimento dell’aria (venti) e dell’acqua (fonti sorgive, spume marine, cascate, maree).
E oggi, in casa, dalla tecnologia firmata Falmec.



Thanks to the presence of ions generated by the E.ion® System, the air can be purified and treated to live in a healthier environment.
The action produced by the ions is one that neutralises all the polluting agents in the air such as bacteria, viruses, dust mites, pollen, spores, various dusts, foul odours, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes and purifies, sanitises and optimises it.
Technically, the ions in the air attract polluting particles and transfer their electrical charge. Therefore the polluting particles seek to reach the electric potential of the earth, falling without causing any damage.
Ions are generated in nature by the splitting of molecules caused by the action of sunlight, discharges (lightning), photoelectric effects, radiation, movement of the air (wind) and water (springs, sea foam, waterfalls, tides).
And today, in your home, by Falmec technology.






The controlled bipolar technology
and its adaptation to intake
systems is protected by international



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More than 70% reduction of odours

Certified Olfactometric Analysis.

Odour is a subjective sense, perceived differently for each individual, both with regard to intensity and quality of the olfactory stimulus. In order to test the efficiency of the ionisation system, Falmec chose the instrument which is considered the most valid for odour quantification.Studies and tests were conducted at the (LOD) Dynamic Olfactometry Laboratory, an analysis and research agency at the University of Udine and Milan, following standard UNI 13725:2004.We conducted analysis on various types of foods and cooking, taking the different air samples. It came out that the use of the ionizing system allows a decrease of odours greater than 70% with peaks of up to 95% in the most favourable conditions.







Ions are also called the “vitamins of the air”, thanks to the beneficial effects that they produce on both the air quality, eliminating polluting agents, and on the energy and wellness of humans and other life (plants and animals). In particular they have an effect on human biochemistry, causing improved moods, concentration and other important health advantages. They are odourless, tasteless and invisible molecules that we inhale abundantly in natural environments: once they reach our blood, ions produce biochemical reactions which increase serotonin levels (also known as “the mood chemical”), contributing to relieving depression, getting over stress and increasing our energy during the day.
When there is a low concentration of ions in the air, on the other hand, symptoms can occur such as drowsiness, dizziness, migraines, depression and shortness of breath.

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The wellness is in the Air







Welcome pure Air



E.ion® System allows us to do away with smoke and odour exhaust tubes, eliminating all architectural restrictions.
The consequences are decidedly positive: no more need for masonry works or any type of adaptation and solving technical installation problems.
And the era of additional costs is also over!





The total freedom of positioning the hood in the kitchen environment makes any design solution possible in terms of displacement of the operational cooking area and therefore the furnishings.
The aesthetic impact is benefited and everything becomes tailor fit for individual needs.




NO WASTE ENERGY.                                                                                                                 

The expulsion towards the outside of stale air results in an evident dispersion of heat in the winter, and of cool conditioned air in the summer: the energy savings are clear if we compare E.ion® System to a traditional hood which, when running at full power, can take in air at up to 800 m3/h and can change the air in a kitchen up to 25 times in an hour*.


*simulated considering a medium size kitchen of 4 x 3 x 2.7 = 32.4 m3 with an 800 m3/h motor 800 ÷ 32.4 = 24.69 air exchanges/h


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Leaf sensor

The metamorphosis is in the Air


The sensor in the E.ion® products detects the presence of volatile organic composites (VOC), odorous gases, formaldehyde, cigarette smoke, ammonia and all polluting agents that are in the air. This is therefore an excellent indicator to measure the variation of domestic air quality.
This information is translated into the leaf colour which gradually turns from yellow to green as the conditions improve.
We implemented yet another feature which optimizes the potential of the ionization.
Thanks to the automatic mode, if the sensor detects a drop in the domestic environmental air quality, the hood activates, purifying and sanitizing the air untilthe original balance is re-established.


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The combined filter



The active material is carbon, which is mainly in the form of graphite microcrystals. These are treated in order to obtain a porous structure with a large internal surface area. Thanks to these characteristics it has a high absorbent capacity, being able to hold the molecules of many types of substances on its inner surface.




Zeolite is a mineral with high microporosity .  It is sought for its ability to absorb organic compounds and water vapor.  This is due to the particular characterisitics of their regular and microporous crystalline structure; the crystals have a large amount of empty space.


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Carbon.Zeo filters do not require special maintenance. Under conditions of normal use you should regenerate them every 18 months and replace them after 3 years.
To regenerate the Carbon.Zeo filter insert it into a normal domestic oven at a temperature of 200° for around 2 hours.