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Silence Sistema

From the beginning, Falmec have strived to find a responsible and respectful approach to manage the relationship between the way they work and the effect it has on the environment.
GREEN DEAL is Falmec’s promise to make a commitment to the environment, a commitment it can realistically maintain and develop for future generations. It has also been introduced to encourage everyone, from the large business to the end consumer, to combine their efforts and work together in achieving a greener world.
Part of this commitment includes the new project NRS® Noise Reduction System which has obtained unbelievable results in the reduction of noise levels, and so noise pollution, produced by Falmec extractors. The optimisation of air flow throughout the extractor eliminates any resistance - the principal cause of noise when an extractor is in operation.



86% less noisy* with the new Falmec NRS®


More efficiency, better use of power, less noise and lower fuel consumption: the equation Falmec always produces positive results.
The new NRS® project has been developed by Falmec in collaboration with laboratories that specialise in the study of airflow dynamics. This collaboration, alongside the use of sound absorbing materials, has achieved results almost unimaginable until now.
The dynamics of the airflow being drawn through the hood was studied using innovative computer software; this allowed Falmec to develop the products so that airflow is optimised, eliminating any resistance, the principal cause of noise in extraction.
Falmec also invested time and resources in the development of new materials that would be best suited to this particular application because of their sound absorbing qualities. These materials have been designed to contain any noise produced by the movement of air, further increasing the reductions in noise already achieved by the optimisation of airflow.
All of this means Falmec can say they have the QUIETEST COOKER HOODS IN THE WORLD.





Technical Features















Compared to today’s standard hoods, the noise level has been reduced dramatically.
The benefit in the kitchen is extraordinary.  


Finally, a cookerhood that cannot be heard


The ‘perception’ of noise follows a logarithmic scale: each decrease of 1dB corresponds to a reduction in the perceived noise level of about 20%. In other words, for every decrease of 3dB perceived noise is halved.








In order to reach the best performances in terms of noise reduction and to maximise the results of our NRS® technology, Falmec suggest that the product is installed to its correct specifications. For maximum efficieny and performance, it is important to ensure that the hood is efficiently ducted, connecting it using the special sound-absorbing piping and curve that are supplied with the hood.



New high performance charcoal filter


The new Noise Reduction System reaches the best performance with the outside connections. We strongly suggest the exhausting version and the use of the NRS® elements.
Anyway it is possible to use the hood in recirculation mode but in this case it is required the new optional charcoal filter for air purification. For NRS® hoods it is avaible a new kind of filter with a high purification capacity and efficiency.




- Charcoal filter washable and reusable
- 75% filtration capacity
- With normal use, the filters need to be ‘reactivated’ every three months
- The lifespan of this filter is approximately three years, after this time it is suggested that it is replaced
- Metallic handle
- Aluminium frame and inner layers



Wash the new high performance filter in the dishwasher with a gentle cleaning soap and temperatures no higher than 65C.  It is better to wash the filter on its own.  After washing reactivate the filter by warming it in the oven at 100C for ten minutes.